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Mercury Wing offers the same benefits, aesthetic appeal, and functionality of the original Mercury. 

   The chair’s frame is available in black, white.

   Mercury Wing can be upholstered in either luxurious leather or 2D-kint material. There are eight colors of leather to choose from. The knit material is available in white, gray, and black.

   Mercury Wing provides the same Y-shaped base found in the original Mercury.


Designed by Bartoli Design:

Bartoli Design is a team comprised of Carlo, Paolo and Anna Bartoli, who today continue the project that was begun by Carlo Bartoli in 1960 and has been made concrete through numerous collaborations with leading companies in the field of furnishing. Carlo Bartoli has exhibited his work in Italy and abroad. The 4875 chair designed for Kartell is on display as part of the design collection at the Pompidou Centre, the National Museum of Art, in Paris.