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The inspiration for the Follow chair comes from ancient Buddhist murals in the famous Dunhuang caves. In the murals, the flying celestial beings are depicted wearing long and colorful ribbons dancing in the sky, beautiful and elegant. The Follow chair’s elegant shape with various fabric and color options makes your office a beautiful place to be.

   The Follow chair’s intelligent synchro-tilt mechanism allows both the back and the seat to automatically adapt and support to your body: ASIS worked tirelessly for three years designing and testing the patented synchro-tilt mechanism.  Synchro-tilt technology automatically conforms to your every movement and distributes your weight evenly.

   Non-button height adjustable armrests: An innovative design. You can easily adjust your armrests up and down without any limitation.

   S-curved backrest: The patented S-curved design positions the backrest in line with your back's natural curve, so you can maintain a neutral, balanced posture. It supports your movement and can help promote blood and oxygen flow. 

   Tongue-shaped seat design:  It takes the pressure off your thighs and pelvis, fostering improved blood circulation and preventing numbness. Its advanced cushion technology improves air ventilation to keep your body cool, comfortable and sweat-free.

   Smart wire control technology: It easily allows you to adjust your seat height as you tilt.

   The Follow chair has several patents in Asia, including patents for its appearance, design, seat bottom, and backrest frame.