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Suit: Tailored to Suit Your Body.

ASIS spent five years to develop the Suit chair.

ASIS worked with specialists in osteology and neurology at Beijing Union Hospital to conduct ergonomics research into maximizing comfort for people who sit for long hours.  The research showed that different sitting postures causes different levels of blood flow and muscle stiffness. The data also showed that sitting on a chair with an unhealthy posture for more than two hours every day tended to cause higher numbers of lumbar disc herniations and varicose symptoms. This research proved to be valuable and significant, and ASIS relied on it extensively while designing the Suit chair.

At the same time, ASIS sought design suggestions and collaborated with designers from the Academy of Art & Design at Tsinghua University. The Suit chair is designed to suit everyone’s body. Its modern appearance with sophisticated design consideration brings you a real dynamic ergonomic experience.  

  Extraordinary backrest design:

Inspired by the human back. The patented back-shaped design supports your body as it tilts naturally, so your spine stays aligned and relaxed.

  Innovative 3-layer fabric:

Unique honeycomb structured fabric with characteristics of good elasticity, air permeability, and maintenance.

  Unique backrest frame:

High tensile strength and good elasticity. It supports your back perfectly as you move.

  Adjustable synchro-tilt mechanism:

It provides a big tilt capability up to 130 degrees. It also provides five positions to lock the backrest and six positions to adjust the seat as you tilt.

  16-position height-adjustable headrest and four-position depth-adjustable seat ensure that the chair fits your body perfectly.

  3-way adjustable armrests allow you to adjust the armrests up and down, forward and backward, as well as left and right.

  Comfortable lumbar support and sweat-free shoulder support are available in two options: soft and firm.

  Unique seat frame design improves air ventilation to keep your body cool and comfortable.

  Advanced cushion design:

It takes the pressure off your thighs and pelvis, fostering improved blood circulation and preventing numbness.

  The Suit chair has numerous patents in Europe and Asia, including patents for its appearance design, backrest frame, backrest installation structure, and wrist and shoulder pads.