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  • 2014-04-29 14:09:11 Shun


As one of the Nature Series products, the inspiration for this extraordinary-looking chair design is the meaning of “顺,” pronounced “Shun” in Mandarin.

The character “顺” literally means to “obey, order, or go along with.”  Metaphorically, however, it means “good, smooth, and harmonious.”  This meaning comes from an ancient Chinese folk tale, in which the character “顺” represents one of the four heavenly kings.  In that story, there was an omniscient king, “顺,” who held a serpent in one hand and could see everything in the human world.  Due to his supernatural power, he had the duty of ensuring that the world operated in a smooth and harmonious order.  

The Shun chair’s inclined seat and back provides strength and support. Its minimum-sized back lets you move without any obstruction or limitation, giving you a comfortable balance of flexibility and support. The Shun chair has a unique design. Its contoured, twisting shape gives you the feeling of a Celtic knot:  making impressive order out of beautiful chaos.

The Shun chair registered an Appearance Design Patent in China in2009.