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When designers began to work on the Nature series of sofas, their aim was to create a look of freedom and nature in its design. The inspiration for the Canyon sofa design is from the geologic shape of the American Grand Canyon. Designers took great pleasure in the details of this sofa’s design.

With its emphasis on fine materials and simple forms, the Canyon sofa exemplifies the revolution in modern furniture design. Top quality fabric produces a supple feel in the seat, back, and arm cushion upholstery. Die-cast seat and arm ensure comfortable body support. Extra strength is provided by inside steel braces. Cushions can be upholstered in a variety of colors.

The Sofa-- Canyon created by its organic form. The half- surrounded shape made by her backrest and armrest just like the wonder of nature--Grand Canyon, and the space is quite suitable for two close friends chatting, which provide an atmosphere of comfort and cozy.